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101 HayleighKnibbs An absolute disgrace. Cumbria
102 stuartmitchell if i did not know better I would say he had a bet on Liverpool to win that game, the worst display from a ref I have seen in my Lifetime. Milton Keynes
103 steffanroberts Clattenburg was a disgrace to refereeing in this game. he somehow failed to give to clear penalties to everton and failed to send kyut of for a two footed tackle. disgrace to the game llanfairfechan
104 MartyMcKeown clattenburg brought out the yellow then gerrard told him to show red and he did - disgrace. The lescott is held back by finnan - no penalty - fuckin disgrace! Then Kuyt goes in wrecklesly and yellow! then in last minute lescott brought down,no pen,cheat Belfast
105 davidpilling i think there should be an investigation into his bank accounts to see just how much he got paid. Everton should stand up and fight against the most corrupt officiating ever in sport elgin
106 NeillTaylor The facts remain that the referee unduly influenced the game. Liverpool
107 A MBonwick   Bedford
108 johnfoulkes   runcorn cheshire
109 AdamFlynn I think MR Clattenburg should be ashamed of his performance yesterday. Absolutely Disgraceful. The most unprofessional and incompetant refereeing I have ever witnessed during a football match. Merseyside
110 jasonwilson The referee was an absolute joke tbh. I'm a Liverpool fan but some of the decisions he give against Everton were unbelievable. with this sort of refereeing I think we may have a chance of winning the league. Shropshire
111 JuanKermode He was a biased disgrace and ruined the match. I know - I was there. He seems to think he is bigger than the game and loves to be seen to please the 'top' players like Gerrard who was also a disgrace who should be kicked out of the England team. Isle of Man
112 stevecotts worst second half display from a referee i have seen in at least 10 years, could be questioned on at least 10 wrong decisions, if man utd had lost in this fashion he would be refereeing in the alliance league now bolton
113 neilblack well i hope you will sleep well in your liverpool shirt.maybe some bedtime reading will help you sleep like a refeering manual. somebody must check his bookmakers account. you cheat scunthorpe
114 PhilMcNamara I'm sorry, it's not sour grapes, I just don't know how someone can be THAT bad and not be taking a bung! St Helens, Merseyside
115 IamaBitterbluenose   Liverpool.
116 markallin    
117 stephenmatthews This Man is a disgrace, weak willed painfully not up to standard!!  
118 markroulston Either he is inept and does not know the laws of the game (should thus not be a Premier League referee) or something more sinister.  
119 martinallen most obviously biased refereeing i have ever had the misfortune to witness.a truely shocking display. runcorn
120 JohnGannaway Clattenburg is useless, even i know that Carlisle
121 steviegerrard Can we have you ref every week. scouseland
122 pmcdivitt    
123 EdwardOwens Worst refereeing decision re the last minute non-penalty i have ever witnessed, either complete incompetance or dare i say biased, either way at the very least he should not be allowed to referee a game containing ether of these teams or better still stri Oldham
124 BingChyi Mark Clattenburg is the dark side of football! Steven Gerrad is the hypocrite of all time! Liverpool fans will never wank alone! London
125 JustinCrook He should stick to making cakes. Liverpool
126 DanielLim This guy is a disgrace to football London
127 PeterBrown Clattenburg has to be banned for his disgraceful and biased performance, Rob Styles was banned for one mistake against the shite, so if the FA don't ban Clattenburg that makes them all corrupt and as bad as him. London
128 tomhesketh totally inept performance, he should have his salary docked and paid to the everton supporters who he robbed of their money st helens
129 AlbertYeong With such official, no wonder the BIG 4 remain up there. Such a disgrace!!! How can he even be qualify to officiate a BPL match? The Blues were robbed!!! Singapore
130 MikeHill How the 'big' four get preferential treatment is beyond me. Nothing will be down about this becaus we are Everton and not a Manchester United/Liverpool/Arsenal or Chelsea West
131 sheisablue I don't expect anything to be done by the FA as it is run by the biggest red of all but they really need to look at video replays and if a player such as Steven Gerrard can influence a referee then the game is fundamentally flawed Merseyside
132 WayneMackney An absolutely disgraceful performance & the whole game suffered as a result. If you can't cope with big games and derby atmosphere's, go ref in the conference where your mistakes are just dismissed as "one of those things that happen in football" Plymouth
133 georgefulton absolute fucking disgraceful refereeing middlewich
134 CliveThomas I blame Kenwirght meself, like. Above Everton
135 BenFitzsimmons    
136 GavinStill Absolute disgrace. Favoured Liverpool and handed them a win. Brighton
137 HenrikNygren A total disgrace! I hope you didnŽt sleep well and stay at home Mark, otherwise iŽll come and get you. Do never enter the grass of Goodison once more! TWAT Halmstad, Sweden
138 SimonBurtenshaw I am VERY happy to sign this petition!, Mr Clattenburg's refereeing yesterday was quite simply HORRENDOUS & he treated the RS with TOTAL IMPUNITY, in fact, he was a TOTAL disgrace, & the NO PENALTY for us when Carragher wrestled Lescott to the floor Seaford, East Sussex
139 jennifercarvath 3 points lost for everton due to the actions of one man mark clattenburg who in my opion fixed the game .Come on the FA explain this one liverpool
140 BrianHill Shameful RSA
142 ConorWaters I used to respect this referee, but all that changed yesterday. A true injustice occurred at goodison park, his blatant errors and frankly bias must not go unpunished... Dundalk, Ireland.
143 JonManning Disgrace - Ruining the beautiful game. liverpool
144 jamesgriffiths i haver never seen such a biased game ever before, the kung fu yellow card was amazing rhyl
145 HenryDaw    
146 EikeBaumann Out! Germany
147 RorySlingo This man is a disgrace to the profession and the entire sport, and so will the FA if they do not act. Singapore
148 BeckySmith I was at the game and it was an absolute travesty, I know you often hear the phrase 'playing against 12 men' but this was a prime example of it. Bad decisions and obvious mistakes..this man should be in a position where he actually has no responsibility!! Isle of Man
149 mikelewis how the fuck can he shake hands with gerrard when he got subbed,surely it all needs investigating.smells of match fixing whitchurch
150 NickyWilson    
151 AlanOates His performance was at best complete incompetence and at worst simply match fixing Isle of Man
152 AndrewMorden A sadly myopic performance from Mr Clattenburg in the game he officated 20/10/07 (Everton vs. Liverpool). He made dreadful errors that influenced the outcome of the game. A precedent has been set regarding punishing refs -Rob Styles. Please take action West Midlands
153 JohnMartin Mark Clattenburg showed favouritism today that was unjust. Decisions were made that altered the result because of his poor judgement and weak willed behaviour that allowed a Liverpool player to change his mind Bootle
154 TonyHeslop Demotion to the coca cola and a fulsome apology and reassurance he doesn't referee everton again this season would be appropriate but the point needs to be hammered home about the G14 clubs receiving favourable treatment liverpool
155 gazmc the little shitbag listening to gerrard. and see the way he made an effort to shake gerrards hand when he got subbed aswell. gobshite liverpool
156 StefanBasiuk Always thought MC was one of the better refs, his performance on Sat was so biased it was bordering on insulting my intelligence ! London
157 RuaraidhCallinan Ive seen some bad refeering performances in my time, but the one from Clattenburg at Goodison was by far and away the worst, by some distance!! Northampton
158 GaryRobinson TWAT crewe
159 jimfitzsimons Lets hope this petition makes Keith Hackett stand by his words after the Rob Styles fiasco:- "Accountability exists and we expect referees to get big decisions correct." Action must be taken now this precedent has been set. bootle
160 RonCassidy I agree absolutely. There was no possible excuse or justification for the decisions you highlight above. Those decisions had a direct bearing on the destination of the 3 points. They suspended Rob Styles; they should do the same at least for Clatenburg Manchester
161 IanRobb Just a disgrace...i work hard living doin wat i do and this guy has made mistakes that any normal working person would get sacked for.The FA must take action over Gerrard allowing him to change his mind..either that or he is on payroll at liverpool. Sheffield
162 LadislavHegyi Ban Mark Clattenburg for life from refereeing in the Premier League !!! Slovakia
163 JoeHurst Simply an embarrassment to the profession on that display. N Wales
164 MikeMc:Loughlin I find his decision making incomrpehensible at worsy and baffling at best. How you can decide to gve a yellow card then once spoken to by a n opposing captain then give a red appeards corrupt. He then see 2 blatant nailed on penalty claims then choose.He St. Helens
165 SurJo Mark Clattenburg refusal to give Everton a penalty in the last minute of the game (when Lescott was fouled) is a serious abuse that needs to be investigated. Michigan
166 SimonDarrow Utter disgrace Birmingham
167 DamienMcCabe What a joke this referee is. Everton didn't stand a chance with a ref like this one. What is happening to football? The game's under threat with refs that make such openly biased decisions. Where was his Liverpool shirt? Salisbury
168 MartinCutler No ref should be so easily influenced by players. Changing a yellow to a red because a player tells him to is absolutely shocking. The ref should be banned for the season! The player in question should also be banned. It's cheating! USA
169 JohnWarham Clattenburg's performance was utterly inept and lamentable. Officiating in England has a poor reputation but plumbed new depths with his refusal to send off Kuyt for a potentially career ending challenge and his inability to award a penalty for Everton Liverpool
170 robertgivnan I watched my first match at goodison park in 1957 and i have witnessed some terrible refereeing since then but this onesided biased joke of a referee is the worst i have ever seen. The FA if it is worth anything should ban this idiot. Skelmersdale
171 ALANPRINCE Inept, truly one-sided and hopelessly out of his depth. Games of this magnitude cannot be handed to this chap for a long time to come. North Wales
172 JohnHall If Mark Clattenburg was the most respected referee in the game at the moment, he certainly wasn't fair during the derby match, he was so bias even someone with vision problem would have notice what he was doing! Cleveland
173 StephenHughes Sinister influence of 'big name' players over weak referees growing. 'Big four' clubs bullying their way to success. Gutless refereeing letting down the rest of us! Leeds
174 JohnCosgrove A terrible performance from the referre were I would say he made at least 5 major decisions that were wrong and worked against Everton. He should face a suspension and revise the rules of the game whilst he is banned. A disgracful performance. BAN HIM! Liverpool
175 DanWragg He is an idoit, and should be brought out and made to apologise in front of the Everton fans - we would have won if it wasn't for him, COYB Holiday in Lanzarote
176 anthonymaguire absolute disgrace totally biased towards liverpool not good enough for prem holyhead
177 RichardCorley He is either corrupt or incompetent! No other employer would allow its employees to make so many mistakes and not be punished. Chester
178 andydelaney coming away from the game i thought that maybe i was being over emotional when i blamed the ref for the defeat...now i realise he gave a performance at a level of incompetence that is even beyond mike riley warrington
179 DaveO' Unbelieveble, yet again blatent cheating and nobody does anything about it, it looked like he had a bet on the outcome of the match, Walton
180 BarryChallinor   Middleton,Manchester
181 robbieevans the prick should not be a ref! he is a disgrace walton,liverpool
182 PaulO'Hanlon Spoilt the game completely with a weak and biased performance. A lifetime ban would be harsh and unrealistic, a one months ban, along with a public apology and phone call to Moyes a la Rob Styles after the Liverpool/Chelsea game? Liverpool
183 PeterKeating He was a disgrace and clearly infulenced by the Liverpool players London
184 TimMuzio Mr Clattenburg should be dealt with the same punishment he inflicted on the Everton players by the FA A three match ban and put on a training course and 3 months in the championship. Dublin
185 MikeWilliams Recently referee Rob Styles was banned for incorrectly awarding Chelsea a penalty against Liverpool. In yesterday's derby Clattenburg made at least THREE, possibly FOUR or FIVE mistakes, all in favour of Liverpool. Will Mr Clattenberg be treated ac Amsterdam
186 KennyDalglish Disgraceful refereeing but at least the best team won. Location, Location
187 BrettThomas An utter disgrace, and I am not even an Everton supporter. London
188 JohnKelly Mark Clattenburg = Bent Bastard Wirral
189 JohnCarlson Just so bad it was untrue. His positioning was perfect.. how can you not give that penalty? It seems to me ref's onyl give pen's if your about to shoot.. when infact if its a foul in the box its a pen. Bastards. Liverpool, England
190 waynemoore an absolute disgrace should never be allowed to ref again, hope you die you cheat Liverpool
191 AndrewRussell   Liverpool
192 davidlee If i performed this badly at my job i would be seriously reprimanded and may even be soon out of work!! The FA need to investigate further. Charnock Richard
193 AndrewBankes His performance in the Merseyside derby was a disgrace. Manchester
194 andynorbury an absolute disgrace, should not be allowed to referee important games ruthin
195 jonsummer a discrace if it had been the other way round they'd have wanted him beheaded. Cheat corrupt bunge backhander call it what you will but it wasn't fair what happened to everton their fans must be outraged burnley
196 helennelson Mr Clattenburg's performance on Saturday was an absolute disgrace. I was not aware that referees take orders from players or that they ignore blatant penalties. Maybe it should be explained to Mr Clattenburg that these decisions are not acceptable!! Liverpool
197 ScottHazell Liverpool's best signing this season Coventry
198 TomDooley   Chester
199 stutagg For a premier league official to allow a player to influence his decision to change a card from yellow to red is truly astounding , and shows that Clattenburg should not be in the game , let alone the top and fastest league in the world . Liverpool
200 AnthonyDoyle