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Signatures for Ban Referee Mark Clattenburg

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1 DaveMiley Fuckin' disgrace.... Liverpool
2 SimonPaul An utter disgrace allowing a footballer to influence his decisions today. Liverpool
3 JoeSmith   USA
4 PhillipEdge Absolute disgraceful performance by the referee today, if other officials have been barred from their mistakes already this season then this is no different to them, maybe worse! Runcorn
5 mikeholroyd shocking refereeing, ruining out sport liverpool
6 georgefarr im a level 8 referee, he is awful and weak. the premier league is suffering because of all these errors. it costs points and all these lost points that should have been points all add up at the end of the season and can be the difference between champions Chelmsford
7 AllanWilliams A complete clueless, cheating (person) of the highest order! Preston
8 JohnCrellin The Game is corrupt...No question..Nothing and no one is allowed to challenge the so called BIG four Lancashire
9 NevilleBarton Could not believe what I was saying. Change of card on player's say so. Let another player swear at you and let him pat you on the back. Book a player for a tackle that a ninja expert would have been proud of. Disgrace to the game Rochdale
10 KristianLyse   Norway
11 JanMolby Mr Clattenburg you are a legend sir merseyside
12 SoorajNair Totally unprofessional refereeing decisions made during the Everton v Liverpool game. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
13 BryanSole poor ref, sack him. He is not up to the standard of the best league in the world. Derby.
14 limgary ban this crab referee,absolutely no class,corruption!!!  
15 stewmarsland yet again a referee decides a match,this performance was so obviously biased he must be embarrassed,something strange here,the premier league definitely need to look into it must be the closest thing to cheating alsager
16 garyclarke Disgraceful display today one of many i think he is trying to fill polls shoes. merseyside
17 THOMASRUSSELL I'm a Chelsea fan. I watched the game on tv and his decisions were rubbish London
18 LauraMcDonald He is a disgrace to the profession, even a half blind pensioner would have done a better job of refereeing the match today. Disgusting. Liverpool
19 MikeRice Incompetent, idiotic fool. Took a backseat and let Jamie Carragher referee the game instead. Supposedly one of the better ones around, then god help the others if they're all worse than this overweight cheat. Merseyside
20 stephwashbourne oh my god! didnt he see the penalty in the last minute off extra time. he needs to get some glasses, Kuyt should have been sent off for the tackle on Phil Neville. and he should of kept Hibbert's red card yellow, Gerrard shouldn't have changed his mind!! Hertfordshire
21 AndrewJefferson   Manchester
22 LJustin What's up with all these referees who seemed very cowed by big names like Liverpool and Chelsea? Not to say their refereeing is anywhere good, but surely they have to maintain calmness and judgemen rather than obey Mr Stevie G? Singapore
23 HagopAlteparmakian It was a bad loss today, but we should admit that Liverpool are a much bigger team than us and they deserved to win. We even tried to deny them their goals without our "hands". And if Clattenburg must be suspended then all the refs in the world must be :) Goodison Park
24 AnthonyRigby i thought id seen it all with the 3 yellow cards in the world cup, but this perfomance today by the ref tops that one, i feel cheated out of at leased a well deserved point st helens
25 KeithHigham   Liverpool
26 LynneMatchett Denied two clear Everton penalties and allowed Liverpool players to get away with murder. Kuyt tackle and Carragher verbally abusing him just for starters. Liverpool
27 GaryMcCorkell As Moyes has said, referee's can make mistakes but when you don't give the decisions when they are as obvious as the pull on Lescott was then you have to question if he can do the job. Jamie Carragher thought he was in a wrestling ring with all those bear Port Glasgow, Scotland
28 LamWeilong Yes, i saw the replay that after a Liverpool player protested to him then he kept his yellow card and took out his red card instead... Lescott were fouled twice but Everton got zero penalties with the last minute penalty being a very obvious one. SG
29 JamieSmith Absolutely disgraceful. poor decisions turned a win into a defeat today. how come when liverpool are denied a win against chelsea because of a poor decision the FA ban him, but when liverpool win through a poor decision no fuss is made? baffling. Liverpool
30 ElizabethKirkham What a disgrace. High Wycombe
31 GraemeHall Mark had a great game giving every decision how he saw it. It would be a disgrace to ban this fine upstanding top quality official. Wee done I say and good luck for the future. If only there were more referees like hom. Collina & Clive Thomas perhaps Wavertree
32 MarkJones I actualy thought Mr Clattenburg had a great game. Bootle
33 adambrown ban him just like you did to rob styles after the liverpool vs chelsea game go on i dare you!!!! liverpool
34 RachaelCotgrave    
35 dw really poor decision making in the derby match. almost look as if he was wearing a red jersey. perhaps a 1-2 games suspension and no-pay leave. asia sg
36 Jimmy Tan H S Totally disgraceful performance by a Premiership official. For those new to football watching this match, they might even ask, is it all fixed? Well, it certainly looked like so. For the sake of the Premier League, ban Mark Clattenburg! Singapore
37 IanKirwin Hope your brown bag was worth it Clattenburg, you corrupt cheat Liverpool
38 paulroberts very unproffesional verging on biased. a very poor show. any other person who performed as bad as this in their job would be severely reprimanded at the very least. keswick
39 carlheritage useless cheating git!! never been a ref!!ROBBED!ROBBED!ROBBED! northants
40 DavidPrentice Outrageous, outrageous, outrageous decision-making from Clattenburg today. They just don't make referees like they used to. Bring back Clive Collina - RIGHT NOW! Liverpool
41 AlanDunn I cannot believe that the decisions today were aimed at getting a fair result. It would not be unreasonable to suspect that the Premier League is corrupt, based on the goings on today. Stockton on Tees
42 markd send him to womens football.  
43 ColinCesa Foul on Gerrard wasn't a foul+outside the box. Should have sent Kuyt off for his two footed tackle. Should have given Everton 2 penalties for fouls on Lescott. Check the replays. I rest my case. Los Angeles
44 JimPercival I was at the game today and that was one of the worst, and frankly most cowardly, performances by a referee I have seen. And I have seen some bad refereeing at Goodison in the last few seasons. Clattenburg was a disgrace to his profession today. Cheshire
45 DavidBridge Referee appeared totally in awe of the occasion and unable to cope. To see a liverpool player screaming abuse at referee and no action taken seemed disgraceful. Let alone the disgraceful miss of two blatant penalties. Kent
46 derekJohnson I'm 52 years old and i wanted to get after that cheating low life red arse licking apology for a ref today, i was livid. Coventry
47 DanWood Total Joke, get this guy out of the Premier League Chester
48 DavidVaill what a joker this man really is, i hate him with a passion, was at the merseyside derby today, he is an absolute div,and to be influenced by steven gerrard to send off hibbert, sums him up, every decision needs gerrards permission, Everton
49 HerbertMcMullan why do we have to play 12 men when we meet the redshite clattenburg couldn't run a pub game in the park on a sunday morning,probably never played the game.kick outthese and amateurs and train up ex pro's who know how to play the game!redshite crappenburg Kirkby
50 chrisbell this referee is ruining football. 30 to 40 for a ticket to watch a football match whose result is pre decided by a supposedly neutral referee. complete joke. my hard earned will be spent elsewhere in future northwich cheshire
51 chrissutton Poor performance by him but to change a card from yellow to red is a disgrace. Dida was banned for cheating so gerrard should be accountable for his actions in getting hibbert sent off. Big four favourism Ormskirk
52 GarthHughes Very Unprofessional, mistakes like that cause trouble amongst the crowd Rainhill
53 PaulGarrity Clattenburg is a disgrace. Redshite prick! Liverpool (Unlike most of the RS)
54 MikeHanna Clattenburg gifted 3 points to Livershit and I won't stand for it. Los Angeles
55 philharris incompetent and bias shown to gerrard, shaking his hand when he was substituted, two clear penalties misses, a dive missed, and being influenced by gerrard to show a red card? does he have any control at all?  
56 ThomasStrom   Oslo, Norway
57 TrevorBrawn Total discrace. Should be removed from the referees list immediately. Ireland
58 RafaBenitez The check is in the mail Mark, thanks!!!!!!! LFC
59 stephenvaux The referee has to publicly apologise to Everton for his biased performance in the merseyside derby. His disgraceful performance gave the impression that he was corrupt. Referees always appear biased towards the 'top four'. IT HAS TO END. London
60 PaulBanks He was a disgrace, get him out of football before he ruins another game. Liverpool
61 BrianBellis   Dumfries
62 NathanWilliams    
63 GaryMacc I agree it was never a free kick...and as for 44 yards...ffs Kirkby
64 markjones Absolute disgrace and im not an Everton fan. He should not be allowed to take charge of a top level game again. The betting patterns to this game want looking into because he made it so obvious he wanted only one winner. Derby.
65 paulmcdonald   Liverpool
66 steveward i want to swear and kill him what a tit  
67 aaronrogers Twat. Skem
68 IshanNarang did it to styles ,so must foul be consistent with him too.do not show favouritism to liverpoolfc. India
69 tomevans    
70 stujones twat! bridgend
71 LeeJackson disgrace. nuff said Skem
72 poosmegbra I am left wondering how much he had been paid - Benitez took Gerrard off as the whole bribe was beginning to attract attention Walton Chippy
73 Ifiradnabin Faraisal its just not fair - its because were not in g14 - theres a conspiracy in favour of the big 4 - the refs a red - clive thomas all over again - not fair!!!!!!!! county road
74 TerryCosgrove The natural sucessor to Graeme pool i mean poll and the F.A. did not remove him either in fact he will likely get even more of our games In front of the computer
75 MikeBlundell Top 4 Merchant. Gerrard was as bad, lets ban him as well. See Voronin shake his hand for a job well done... Once a RS, always a RS...  
76 ArryRedknob Great in-play price! Thank you very much! Calm Down all you scousers. At least a scouse team won! Betfair
77 tomhicks absolutly disgusted when i pay the ref for 3 penalties i want 3 penalties not 2  
78 AdamMurray Utter Disgrace Scotland
79 JoeRipshaw He won't be the worst ref to give pens against us this season. It's all a very obvious conspiracy against us. Llanrwst
80 timSmith Well well well what can you do these referee are really destroying the world game disgraceful decisions and lack of consistency red card hibbert but no red for kuyt and the 2 penalties 2 liverppol mand at least 1 for everton sacked these cheaters Sydney, Australia
81 Ahmadsaab hoe can such a bad referee still be in the premier league discraceful decisions im a man u supporters and goota say discraceful referee Sydney, Australia
82 thomaswilliams shocking refereeing, motm in my opinion, is Gerrard beyond the rules? Does he make them? seemed so today. Getting sick and tired of Liverpool winning games in cheating/unfair fashion, ruining the game. kissimmee,florida
83 michaelbegeley absolute joke of a performance by a less than neutral official, dont forget ya red shirt next time mr clattenburg Huyton, Liverpool
84 RowlandLuttrell Too many inept performances and clearly favours the so called top four clubs! Dublin, Ireland
85 TonyWilliams Absolute Disgrace... red card when giving a yellow only to be talked in to changing the decision by Gerrard. Yellow for Kuyt when it was a deffo red and not giving Everton a justified penalty, the guys is a cheat Lancs
86 PeterColeby How can he decide on a yellow card and then be talked into a red when the player blatantly dived? Liverpool
87 MalTaylor    
88 maxlintott Bringing the game in to disrepute and a full investigation as to how he referees at the top flight of english football wirral
89 DaveL The referee has to publicly apologise to Everton, like they did to raffa, bet they don't sack him now merseyside
90 colincampbell a disgrace to the premiership, should not be allowed to ref another top game scotland
91 adamshakur   Australia
92 TimHeron didnt have the bottle to call incidents as he seen them.. Kirkby
93 GlennBarkley   Liverpool
94 waskew i fully commend the motion within this petition. an absolutely appalling "job" done in the merseyside derby. a thick and stupid, biased liverpool fan could not have made a more idiotic mess of things than this plonker did. liverpool
95 LouiseCentral You know the referee was rubbish when even Liverpool fans are admitting you should have had a penalty.  
96 TomPostle He's a twat Oldham
97 RobertMorris Kuyt should also have been sent off for the 2 footed lunge against Neville. It was a red card offense yet he only got a yellow. Lake District
98 MarkBlackler Disappointingly inept Devon
99 MatthewBeales   Wiltshire
100 HannahMarsh This is serious - I do not want this happening to another team (except maybe Liverpool or Man U!) Lincoln